Relics From A Broken Fair (Instrumental)

by It Dwells Within

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This is my debut long-played instrumental-version album. My pride and joy. Pure and unspoiled. Written between August 2010 - September 2011. Recorded between November 2010 - September 2011 at my "housequarters" little studio in Athens, Greece. A goal I thought I would never achieve and be able to complete. From the conception of ''All Difficulties'' & ''Ride'' in August 2010 to the mixing and mastering last touches of ''An Army Of Angels'' & ''To Warn The Unwary'' in December 2011. As far as my recording/engineering/mixing/producing knowledge-range reaches, this is my first attempt and so, at this level, I present to you my best effort.

This album was self-recorded, self-funded, and self-released. Occasional donations go directly to the artist.

2012 Don (GS)

All tracks written/composed, recorded, mixed & produced by Don (GS)*

''Rules Of Conformity'' written & composed by Don and John Antoniadis

All writing and instrumental recordings took place at Don's household, Athens, Greece**

All artwork design by Konstantinos Tzalalis

*Compositional contribution

- ''Ride'' by Vagelis Apostolatos, Konstantinos Tzalalis

- ''To Warn The Unwary'' by Apostolis Kakavas, John Antoniadis

- ''Rules Of Conformity'' by Konstantinos Tzalalis

**Bass-track recordings for ''Tools Of Insight'', ''To Warn The Unwary'', ''We Won't Go Silently'' and ''From Ignorance To Awareness'' took place at SoundMax Studios (owner: Alkis Simitsis).

**Guitar-track recordings for ''Ride'', ''All Difficulties'', ''Violent By Necessity'' & ''Tools Of Insight'' took place at Michael Kalligeris's household.

Thank you Michael & Alkis so very much for your priceless help and support.

Don uses Mayones (Regius Gothic), *strandberg. Boden and Ibanez guitars (JEM7VWH & RG7321), Bareknuckle, Dimarzio & EMG707 pickups, Fender American Deluxe V & SR605-NTF and SDGR Ibanez basses, ENGL amps (Steve Morse signature 100W), ENGL cabs, Axe-Fx II by Fractal Audio Systems, VOVOX cabling, Furman Power Conditioning, PreSonus Interfaces, Shure mics and Cubase 6, Sonny Oxford, Waves, Toontrack & Spectrasonics Omnisphere plugin products.

I want to express my deepest gratitude to the following individuals for every little, or big, help and motivation they provided to me from the beginning to the completion of this album: Michael Kalligeris, Vagelis Apostolatos, John Antoniadis, Apostolis Kakavas, Konstantinos Tzalalis, Alkis Simitsis (SoundMax Studios). I wouldn't have made it this far without your help & support.
You were my motive to start this whole thing, in the first place, and you stood beside me supporting me and doing what was the most precious to me: letting me share and enjoy this music with you!

To John Antoniadis: I remember how lucky & full of bliss we felt when "To Warn The Unwary" & "An Army Of Angels" had started to take their forms. I wouldn’t trade these feelings & moments for the world! If it wasn’t for those two last songs, I would have left all of this to rust...

Thank you all so much for your support!


released February 25, 2012

2012 Don (GS)



all rights reserved


It Dwells Within Αθήνα, Greece

Hi, my name is Don. Sharing this music with you is the greatest gift! Download my debut album for free!!

''Art carbonates the soul''

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